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Roland VA-76 Arranger Workstation

This article describes the exchange of the Roland VA-76 Workstation' ZIP 100 IDE to a flash-drive.

Arranger Workstation VA-76 (Virtual Arranger) with Access Virus (Virtual Analog Synthesiser) on top.

Problem: Musicians like it silent, when composing and nothing is more uncomfortable than teasing and disturbing sounds in a silenced studio.

Unfortunately, the VA76 does exactly that with it's disk drive and floppy drive.
Flashspeicher Transcend Transcend provides Flash-modules of disc-on-module type, which totally can replace common IDE drives.
Flashspeicher Transcend For the VA-76, this might not be that easy with some modules: First, the OS came out with en error "disk not found". To slve this, the memory has to be configured correctly. It requires an exisiting partition and a valid FAT image written. which exactly had to meet the ZIP-size. Formatting was done with raw copying by WinCommander, using an original Roland disk.

Roland VA-76 mit TransCend 256 MB Modul.

Flashspeicher Transcend Update: The drive has been replaced by a common IDE-Flash drive with exchangable cards.

Roland VA-76 mit SanDisc 128 MB Modul.

Diskettenlaufwerk VA-76 Now, it is time to change the floppy disk:

Flash-Diskettenlaufwerk VA-76 USB-Floppy drive for industrial solutions.

Now the Roland VA-76 is totally flashed.
Megafloppy VA 76 Update: V999 Version of the drive
Megafloppy VA 76 GOTEK offers a Version with 999 partitions

J.S. November 2003
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